CrazyTalk 6 lets you create a 3D version of yourself


The folk behind Crazy Talk 4, the animation software we reviewed in 2007 have just released an updated version of their programme called CrazyTalk 6. They’ve improved some of the issues we had, and have added some extra features as well, so it will be useful for both the casual animator and the hardcore artiste.

What the software does is take images you’ve uploaded and convert them into a 2D or 3D animation through a simple step by step guide. You can then play with this digital creation by adding sound, special effects and even create storyline for the character.

They’ve included multiple actor animation, so you can have a variety of faces on screen at once, and use Vivid Eye technology to make them look slightly more human and less strange escapees form the set of I Robot.

They’ve added in a Stage feature which lets you place your creation on a stylish background, and you can create timelines to track their interaction and responses. You get an interactive camera tool to zoom and pan around the action and they’ve even included a button to let you upload directly to YouTube,.

It’s a fun way to add a bit more personality to your web pages or video projects, and they even have a cosmetic option which lets you adjust everything from you skin type to the length of your eyelashes!

See some cool animations here.

$34.99 for Crazy Talk 6 Standard, and CrazyTalk 6 PRO for $109.99 from Reallusion

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