TuneUp keeps your songs in shape!


Now TuneUp is not a new service, but if you haven’t yet heard of it you’re going to find it a serious musical lifesaver- and they’ve just updated their UI!

In these modern days of download people don’t *ahem* tend to purchase that much music anymore, just stream it from Spotify or download from BitTorrent. That may be perfectly acceptable for every day listening, but when you’re trying to create play-lists based on genre or enjoy album art it all gets a little bit skewy. What TuneUp does is tidy up ALL your music, and sort it into discernible categories as well as add album art. It’s just been released in conjunction with Apple store, so those who love their music but are frustrated at how it’s all labelled will be happy.

For example you might have a Metallica track labelled Metallika 1 or metal2, and Tune Up will sift through the song, label it correctly and add info such as track length, related images and genre and artists tags.

This makes it much easier for you to sort your music and with the proliferation of multimedia devices around it’s nice to have all the images and cover art to play around with as well. You can try it for free on 100 songs, or have it unlimited for year for $19.95.

Try it yourself here- for Free!

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Zara Rabinowicz