The Parrot SK4000 helmet lets you chat away Judge Dredd stylee

chat helmet.jpg

If it’s a bad idea to talk on your mobile whilst driving a car, it’s surely a hundredfold worse to do the same on a bike, quite apart from the fact you’ll be steering one handed. This is here the SK4000 comes in, a hands-free Bluetooth kit designed to be worn with a bike helmet.

The kit gives you 10 hours of juice and is charged via a Micro USB port. The device uses Speech Synthesize Technology to allow you to browse through you contacts without using your hands, and then will call or hang up depending on your commands.

Included in the device is an FM tuner for radio goodness,and you can hook it up to a MP3 player for music whilst you cruise. If the speech controls are to fiddly for you, the device also includes a handlebar mounted controller to make using it as simple as possible.

Of course, the associations with Judge Dredd will either be a plus or a minus depending on your levels of fandom…

£169.99 from Parrot

[via Trend Update]

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Zara Rabinowicz