The Kindle DX takes eBooks to a 9.7inch level


I’m a huge fan of eBooks as they’re an easy way to transport a huge library around with you, but should you be trying to view a newspaper of textbook, the screen size tends to be distinctly lacking. Sure you could get the iRex Digital Reader, but you want he whole functionality of the kindle, and the backing of Amazon now, don’t you?

Well in response to the (slight) demand for a larger sized eBook, Amazon have just confirmed the rumours of a super-sized eBook with the launch of the Kindle DX.

So what do you get for the rather inflated price of $489? First off, the screen size is an obvious change, clocking in at a rather considerable 9.7 inches, meaning that it’s a lot easier to download and read a variety of newspaper and magazine articles, as they’ll be displayed in the correct resolution. Textbooks should be a lot easier on the eyes as well- and the Kindle DX now accepts PDF files.


There is 3.3GB of hard disk memory, which will give you approx 3300 books and what I’m excited about is the 16 shades of grey that the device handles, making the page transitions a LOT easier on the eye. Page turns have been sped up by 20% as well, and there’s a dedicated USB 2.0 for connection to your computer.

The Kindles DX features a 3.5mm headphone jack, and built in stereo speakers so you can enjoy their ‘Read to Me’ feature, where text is read out electronically (to audio book publishers dismay).

It weighs in at 10.2 ounces and is a mere 0.2 inches thicker than the smaller model! Using wireless 3G you can download new books in under a minute and you never have to hunt for hotspots!

On the downside, there’s NO planned UK release date anytime soon. Sigh.

$489 from Amazon

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Zara Rabinowicz