The HALO headset from Jabra: Not my definition of angel


When you think halo, you tend to think celestial clouds, long golden locks, or Dawn French in those Philadelphia adverts. You don’t tend to think big black and bulky but that’s just what you get with Jabra;’s latest Bluetooth headset. It’s not all bad news though, as despite the lack of singing cherubs the set looks pretty decent.

It will give you 8 hours of talk-time and will last for 13 days on standby. It weighs in at 80g and features touch sensitive controls to let you adjust the volume with a single stroke to your head.

The set features Noise Blackout dual-mic technology to up the quality of the audio and you can connect them to any mobile, MP3 player, and even your TV! When not in use it folds up really small, so you can pop them in your bag.

£99.99 from Jabra in the summer

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Zara Rabinowicz

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