Toshiba PetBook K9 – the laptop for the more intelligent K9

petbook-open-view.JPGThe remnants of April Fools Day seem to be trickling into the day after, but it’s unlikely this would have been mistaken for a genuinely veritable product – it’s laptops for dogs from Toshiba for crying out loud. The dog wouldn’t be able to read what’s on the screen let alone navigate its features. But if your dog happened to be of the intelligent breed (you know, the one’s that you see in the movies) and this happened to be a real laptop for your pet, it’d be able to partake in some inter-canine video web chat with its favourite pals using its fully integrated 3.3 megapixel webcam – there’s even a pawprint reader for added security and convenience.

It’s incredibly far fetched features don’t end there. Humans have spent their entire lives wishing they could communicate with their four legged best friends, but the Petbook K9 claims to pack bark-to-text software (version 3.0) that’ll translate your dog’s barking into comprehendible text, with the use of its “innovative ruff recognition”. And to keep your pooch fully satisfied, the K9’s outer shell consists of delicious and durable 100% organic rawhide “to keep his data safe and tasty”. Check out the site here – it’s pretty funny stuff (and bravo to the creator) .

The day a laptop like this hits the market I believe will be the same day we witness pigs flying and hell freezes over.

In the words of the website “his 3.00am barking outbursts are now a thing of the past.

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Lucy Hedges