The Mo:ben lunchbox means you can leave the microwave at home


OK, I know you don’t tend to take a microwave with you wherever you go, but there’s no denying an office that’s lacking that mean machine is like an office with no computers- simply unworkable. Sure, you can work off laptops, or go to Pret for lunch, but those options aren’t ever going to be your first choice.

The mo:ben lunchbox is designed to keep your leftovers warm, and contains both insulated walls AND an AC plug. Simply plug in the box and your leftovers will be gently warned up, ready to eat!

You don’t even have to remember cutlery as they’ve handily installed some in the lid! Genius- now when are they going to make this a reality, rather than just a concept?

Check it out on Tuvie [via Coolest Gadgets]

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Zara Rabinowicz


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