Shiny Preview: The HP dv2 Entertainment notebook

The HP dv2 notebook was on show at CES 2009, but with all the chaos going on we didn’t pay it much attention. Today we got to glimpse its sleek shiny curves just before it goes on sale, and are pretty impressed.

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DV2 back angle.jpg

The laptop features a 160BG HDD and 1GB memory and is pretty stylish to look at. True, it’s going to end up covered in fingerprints, but hey, it’s ever so shiny.


It’s the ideal device if you’re looking for a portable computer yet don’t wish to limit yourself to the slow processors seen on many netbooks. It’s attractively priced and sits comfortably in the market, so the real test will be how user friendly it is and the battery life compared to other similar models.

From £499 at HP

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Zara Rabinowicz