On demand adverts from SKY with a click of the green button


How do you feel when adverts come on TV? Frustrated? Excited? Unhappy when they finish? If you agreed with the last two adjectives then you’ll be thrilled to hear that SKY are now going to provide you with more adverts than ever on their channels, and if you fell into the former category than you’ll be beating yourself about the head with a wet fish right now.

But don’t fret yourself too much, the added advertising doesn’t force itself on you, rather you can opt in for all the added excitement, such as behind the scenes footage of how certain adverts were made and extras such as interviews with stars. To access this content you simply press the green button on your remote. This will take you to extended footage of the advert, and possibly some exclusive content.

The service is being offered with Warner Brothers and T-Mobile as chief advertisers, so you might enjoy bonus footage of those fun flash mobs, and seeing as the new Harry Potter is rolling out I’m sure there will be new clips of Daniel Radcliffe battling Dementors.

OK, the green button will no longer work as a reminder button, but giving up that luxury for advertising that isn’t in your face>? I think they may be onto a winner here…

From SKY in June [via the Telegraph]

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Zara Rabinowicz