Battle of the budget touchscreen: The LG Cookie vs the Orange Vegas


In this current climate, no one is spending much dough. And as much as you’d love a shiny new iPhone it doesn’t seem feasible tying yourself into a pricey 24 month contract. You’ve probably started looking at other cheaper options, and that’s when we get to the world of budget touchscreens. I was very impressed with the wallet friendly LG Cookie last year, and the orange Vegas has stepped up to the block as a plucky new budget contender. But which phone will win out in the specs war? Read on to find out!

Round 1: Screen Size

Vegas- 2.4 inch touchscreen
LG Cookie -3 inch touchscreen and included stylus

Winner: The Cookie, as with screen size, bigger is ALWAYS better.

Round 2: Camera

Vegas 1.3 megapixel camera
LG Cookie 3 megapixels

Winner: The Cookie strikes again!

Round 3: Size

Cookie- 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm, 89g
Vegas- 96.6mm x 45mm x 19mm, 84g

Winner: The Vegas phone is smaller and lighter, though slightly thicker. I’d say it wins on the weight front alone though.

Round 4: Storage

Cookie- 48MB internal and up to 8GB with a memory card.
Vegas- 64MB internal up to 4GB a memory card.

Winner: It’s a close call actually, as though the Cookie may be capable of holding more flash memory, you have to shell out extra for a larger card. I’d call this one a draw.

Round 5: Functionality

Orange Vegas – FM radio,Bluetooth, black or pink colour, dual band.
LG Cookie- FM radio, Bluetooth, accelerometer, quad band, black or pink colour

Winner: Both offer basic applications, such as MP3 players etc, but the Cookie’s accelerometer means it wins this round.

Round 6: Price

Vegas – £49 from Orange
Cookie-£82.48 from Tesco

Winner: Clearly the cheaper one saves you money, so I’d plump for the Vegas.

Overall Verdict:

The Cookie offers so much more than the Vegas in terms of camera, usability and storage, but the Vegas is lighter, smaller, and cheaper. Either phone offers you a segue into the touchscreen world of mobiles, so though I’d plump for LG’s offering, both options seem attractive to the budget phone user.

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Zara Rabinowicz


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