Face up to your bad pictures: New app lets people find photos you've DETAGGED


How many pictures of you exist on Facebook? If you’re friends are anything near as snap happy as mine I’m guessing the answer will be a lot, and equally the amount you studiously detag (ugly makeup/ obvious VPL/ double chin) will be high. Once detagged you thought that was the end of it, but not anymore!

There’s a new application you can add to your profile called PhotoFinder which uses facial recognition software to scan through your photos and all public photos, and will suggest tags you can add.

Scary stuff huh? The idea that those drunken nights you’d rather forget will now be available to anyone with half an hour free and an inquisitive mind makes me feel weak inside. But don’t worry, the makers of the application have considered your worries and have created their software accordingly

The app won’t tag photos within the site, only in the app, so you’d need to be registered to view all the newly tagged pics. Secondly the settings work in harmony with your Facebook settings, so if you’re a very private person people won’t be able to view your images.

Problem is when actual close friends find you, as they’ll then be able to tag the photos you’d rather they hadn’t seen. You do get sent an email notification though so it’s not totally bad news, you just might want to think of actually removing offending images rather than just detagging them from now on.

Try it here or check it out at FACE [via Geek Sugar]

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Zara Rabinowicz