WoW players can now game in a virus free world with Norton AntiVirus Gaming edition

gaming edition norton.jpg

Gamers often have a rather hard time of things security wise. As much as they want to keep their computer safe from viral and phishing scams, they don’t want to compromise game time by annoying pop ups or a slowed down CPU. Norton aim to help those MMORPG players with their new gaming specific software.

It’s targeted at making sure you can game in a safe environment, but has been specifically tailored so as not to disrupt game time. It comes with a dedicated Gamer Mode which suspends alerts and updates, and automatically switches on when you’re in full screen mode.

It also features smart scheduling, whereby it puts off system scanning till the machine has been idle for over 10 minutes and takes up less than 6MB and boots up in one second. Scan time is estimated at 35 seconds and it’s fully customizable , so you can choose the levels of protection you need.

£39 from Symanetc Store

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Zara Rabinowicz