The Joggler: An expensive calendar from 02?

O2 Joggler_1_360.jpg

Every year my mum heads to WHSmiths and buys one of those family calendars, y’know the type with a section for Dad, Sister and Dog so everyone’s schedules can be co-ordinated. Well her meticulous planning can now take on a technological turn, with a much bigger price tag. Say hello to O2’s Joggler, a geeky way of keeping your plans in order.

The Joggler is a 7 inch touchscreen which acts as a virtual calendar, syncing your to do lists with those of your flatmates/family. Whilst it may be a bit pointless if you live on your own, if you have a lot of people to keep track of, it could be a great way of making sure you know where everyone is. It syncs data from your phones and will send people SMS messages alerts when events such as birthdays and deadlines occur-and it’s even capable of messaging you a reminder that you’re out of milk!

As well as household management capabilities it also keeps you updated on the latest travel and weather reports, and they’re currently discussing giving you access to Internet DAB radio on it as well.

You can also use it as a digital photo frame, as you can store images on its 1GB hard drive, or play a game of Japanese Sudoku if it takes your fancy. You can either buy it for £149.99 or get it free instead of a phone upgrade.

£149.99 from 02 from April [via T3]

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Zara Rabinowicz