Twitter news: Paid-for Pro accounts on the way

twitter-bird-thumb-300x159-77437.jpgIt’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips since the dawn of its existence (or at least since it hit the mainstream), that question is – how is Twitter monetizing its service? This reoccurring question has finally been answered – the microblogging marvel will be offering paid pro accounts in the forthcoming future. What these paid for accounts will offer is anyone’s guess at the moment, but Business Insider has mustered a few guesses as to what the service will offer. Some of the hoped-for features mentioned involve a way to verify who really owns an account, putting an end to the mystery surrounding certain celeb accounts (Britney Spears springs to mind) and revealing whether you’ve been @ing a nobody, as well as providing a way to find out what people are saying about a company.

But fear not my freeloading friends, Twitter has assured us the free element of the service isn’t going anywhere, which is a smart move, otherwise it could face the furore is currently facing for adding charges to what was originally a free to use service.

The pro accounts will undoubtedly be aimed at the microblogging folk who want more from their account than just 140 characters and the power to DM people. Being different comes at a price, but sadly this information hasn’t been revealed yet.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges