Guess who's keeping their Blackberry 8800 close

eva1.jpgWho’s the good looking gal with the Blackberry? Well, she recently topped a new magazine poll to find the sexiest woman on US TV. She also got paid to have multiple kissing sessions with Jesse Metcalfe (lucky girl) and reached number 14 in the FHM Sexiest Woman poll in 2008.

Like a significant number of celebs, this woman clearly knows how important it is to have her Blackberry permanently affixed to her hand at all times – and she’s doing a good job clasping it with her clutch bag. This lady sure isn’t desperate but she is the wife of a rather lofty gentleman who would definitely make you double take if he walked past.

eva.jpgIt was a bit of an easy one this week – did you get it? It’s the stunningly gorgeous Eva Longoria. Not only does she look great but she’s accompanied by a great piece of mobile phone eye candy too. Eva is often spotted on the Desperate Housewives set toting her Blackberry – could we have a BB addict on our hands? She’s also been spotted at the Blackberry Bold party and Curve parties. Clearly, she’s a fan.

[Image: Celebrity Blackberry Sightings]

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Lucy Hedges