Skype and Spinvox team up without any trouble: But what will Nokia do?


The recent kerfuffle over Nokia embedding its phones with Skype seems to have died down as Nokia phones are now happily embracing SpinVox functionality on their new handsets. The premier voicemail to text service is offering its service to all Skype users, which turns voicemails into texts which are then sent to your mobile phone, saving you the voicemail tariff (Well, if you’re on T-Mobile anyway).

OK, you will get charged 17p per SpinVox message plus you operator SMS tariff, but (you may still save money. It also means you’ll (hopefully) never miss an important voicemail when you’re out of signal, as the instant you get even half a bar a SMS should appear in your inbox.

We just hope they’ll allow this service to continue, as the networks remain in talk over whether preinstalling Skype is good etiquette…

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Zara Rabinowicz