Mi-Vox audio books provide erotic and Obama in one

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What do lads mags and Barack Obama have in common? They’re both available on the Mi-Vox portable audiobooks!

I’ve never been a big fan of audio books, as they tend to be overpriced, uninspiring and commentated by the kind of person who tends to be stuck reading the weather as their part time job. Mi-Vox Audio books may make me reconsider this idea though, as not only are they rather stylish, but they’re actually read by people you might want to listen to.

The latest book in their library is Dreams from my Father, Obama’s non-fiction novel, and it’s narrated by the big man himself.

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Mi-Vox have been around since 2007, and they’re a rather attractive entry to the audio book market. Self contained in a tiny device, the Mi-Vox runs of a single AAA battery and comes complete with headphones. It’s not just boring classics either, they cater to every genre, from the latest Grisham to books of a more adult nature- yes, that’s right, ADULT fiction. Should you wish you can listen to glamour models read out their saucy fantasies on the Mayfair audio book, which comes complete with a titillating sticker covering the device.

You can fast forward, pause and rewind the audiobook, and bookmark pages, and even if the battery dies your place will still be saved.

They range in price from around £10-£20, and as they’re so cheap, you wont worry about losing one.

Check it out at Mi-Vox

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Zara Rabinowicz