Me2Me vows to improve your mobile voicemail experience

voicemail.jpgWhat these guys have to do with voicemail, I have not a clue, but it’s more interesting than an SMS envelope so I went with it. Are you looking for a way to improve your mobile voicemail experience? Are you fed up with what current services have to offer? You are, fantastic. More importantly, if you hate listening to voicemails and you get a fair amount of the things, you’d do well to read on.

Me2Me, the voice enabled personal messaging web service has added a few tools to its inventory of features to help you better manage voicemails. This includes vocal message tags (basically adding the key information about the message content giving the recipient an indication of its content) which can be used in one of two ways: Firstly, the tags can be delivered directly to the recipient via SMS, allowing them to view the vital information of your message on their handset without listening to the actual message; or users can call Me2Me’s voicemail service, enabling them to skip to the most important messages based on the tags. As well as this, voicemails have been made more searchable.

It works with every mobile on the market and Me2Me promises it will “dramatically improve the mobile voicemail experience” so presuming you’re not the impatient kind, why don’t you find out for yourself in a few months when it’ll be available during the second half of the year.


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Lucy Hedges