Live Luggage powers that suitcase for you

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I’ve recently returned from Australia (yes I know, lucky me), and had severe difficulties lugging my over-sized case across the cosmopolitan city of Sydney. OK, six pairs of shoes may have been unnecessary, but that didn’t stop my case being seriously heavy and tricky to manoeuvre. Well the Hybrid PA Bag from Live Luggage may be the answer to my woes, as it’s a powered assisted suitcase, designed for frequent flyers.

Not only does it have motorised wheels and a rather snazzy black and yellow chassis, it also includes a detachable laptop case and overnight bag which can be carried on to the plane as hand luggage. The case utilizes an innovative ‘anti gravity’ handle which adjusts depending on the users height, so it’s very user friendly, and means that 85% of the weight is carried by the wheels, rather than the pushee. Now why didn’t I get one for my trip? Sigh.

£295 from Live Luggage

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Zara Rabinowicz

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