iPhone apps assume cupcake form


There are no surprises as to what inspired this batch of tasty looking cupcakes, is there? But it sure is genius. It’s my birthday soon and I don’t usually opt for bday cake, but if I were to celebrate with baked goods and provide birthday treats for my well wishers, I would want us to gorge on these delectable pieces of geekery. Forget the Guitar Hero cupcakes, I want cupcakes with elaborate and meticulously placed iPhone app detail and what looks like a heavy overuse of marzipan (yum).

It might take a while for me to get over admiring them all in their cakey iPhone goodness and actually letting people consume them, but once I’m over it people will be free to indulge.

What’s to stop you from making your own? Cake mix, icing/marzipan and a steady hand – that’s all that is required.

[via Stuff]

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Lucy Hedges