Geek neighbours: Under-rated video game characters and jumbo jet hostels

Coco_Bandicoot_by_supernitro.jpgThe lovely Susi may have left us for waters that have an orange tinted hue, but the internet cares not for our internal chaos and continues spewing out gadget information. And what’s the most interesting tidbits we’ve gleaned from the web workings this week?

-Crave reveals the eight most under rated video games characters ever, and my favourite Bandicoot Coco has made the list!

-Excited about seeing the Watchmen? Watch a great web clip here to really get your revved up for the film!

-Geek Sugar asks if you use gadgets in the tub. I know I’d like to, but I’d be scared of dropping my BeBook in!

-CrunchGear take an in depth look at the jumbo jet turned hostel that’s available at Stockholm airport. Looks slightly uncomfortable, but comes with more leg room than your standard Easyjet flight!

-An eBook not showing off your geek credentials enough? How about a James Bond branded one? T3 shares the scoop with us.

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Zara Rabinowicz