Fujitsu's FLEPia eBook brings a touch of colour the eReader market

fujitsu.jpgJust when you thought eBooks couldn’t get any more attractive, Fujitsu goes and gives its eReader a colour injection, putting all other eReaders to black and white shame. As long as you don’t mind travelling to Japan to get one, you can take pleasure in its 8-inch colour screen – ideal for reading both magazines and extensive text. There’s also Bluetooth, WiFi and a USB and SD card slot to get the best out of your eReading experience.

According to Stuff, who got the low down from Electric Pig, Japan’s inhabitants will be able to order one from the 20th April. However, getting a dose of colour also means its price tag will not be recession friendly. And at £725 it certainly isn’t! This basically means if you don’t eat, sleep and breathe reading, I’d opt for a cheaper option and forgo the colour, unless reading is all you’re prepared to do for a while seeing as you won’t be able to afford to much else.

This is especially true if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time reading magazine and design docs and therefore not getting a fair amount of use out of its colour features, seeing as most books are simple black and white texts. Hopefully by the time the FLEPia hits the UK, that price will have at least been subject to a tolerable reduction.

[via Stuff]

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Lucy Hedges