Apple introduces iPhone 3.0 update to the world

iphoneos30.jpgApple calls its new iPhone OS 3.0 a “major update” to the innards of the iPhone and iPod Touch. And with 100 new features to sink your teeth into, this summer will be the time to put all calls on hold to familiarise yourself with your new functions, including stereo Bluetooth, voice memo, the ability to rotate from portrait mode to landscape mode in all applications, shake-to-shuffle, turn by turn navigation. No mention of video though.

The upgrade doesn’t quite have the wow factor Apple’s 2.0 software possessed, but in an attempt to compete with the competition and ensure its customers remain loyal, they’ve given the iPhone OS a thorough polish. And it puts an end to current minor iPhone/iPod Touch inadequacies such as cut, copy and paste, multimedia messaging (at last!!!) and an in-phone search feature.

If you ‘re an iPhone owner, you can bag yourself the update for free, however iPod Touch owners are going to have to fork out $9.95 USD. Apple hopes to deliver your update this summer.

[via IT Pro]

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Lucy Hedges