William Tempest accessorises the Sony P Series

Whether you’re a believer in the Sony P Series or not, it’s hard not to drool when someone delicately places one in your lap. It might have been that I was blinded by fashion, but last night at the William Tempest fashion show, the P Series certainly seemed to hold its own against the scary-looking models.

We were there to witness the unveiling of the clutch bag that William Tempest has designed for the P Series, as well as stare in wonderment at the bea-OOO-tiful clothes he showcased. The clutch is currently being given to VVVVIPs, but there are plans afoot to make it available as a limited edition for the likes of you and I.

Click on over to find out the contents of the good bag and for a ridiculous photo of me posing with the clutch. And yes, that clutch does match his shirt. I know, right?

So, there was (without actually being able to look at it, a la Kim’s game)
– a voucher for a brow shaping at Benefit
– a rather pink blusher from Benefit
– the poshest tampons I have ever seen (Moxie, anyone?)
– a vitamin drink
– a CD of the music used for the show

Susi Weaser

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