Samsung's W1700 the modern day rape alarm?

Samsung rapephone.jpgFirstly, can I just comment on the brilliantly beautiful and vibrant shade of this girl’s nail varnish and how great I think it is? I know, right! Ok, hot nail paint aside, our smiling friend (with the cool nails) holds in her hands a mobile phone with a *very very* big mouth. By mouth I of course mean speaker, and when I say *very very* I mean 100dB. So why would you need a phone to come fully loaded with that much mouth?

Well, you know how some of us live in fucked up sketchy neighbourhoods, where looking over your shoulder at 10 second intervals and taking out headphones late at night is the norm? Yes? Samsung has created something to assist you in your timid state. So, if your timorous nature is taking over your life and turning you into some kind of social recluse, the SPH-W7100 from Samsung could be your new companion.

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The aforementioned 100dB is for an alarm that’s been crammed into the handset, with a direct link to local emergency services, you know… just in case, worst case scenario, something bad does happen and you need to raise the alarm… literally. Whoever messes with you is going to wish otherwise when you let it emit that deafening distress signal and SOS alert to the local authorities who are immediately made aware of your position via GPS. And if that doesn’t deter your attacker, whack them round the face with the phone – it looks bulky enough to do some damage.

It launches in Korea (deviants and muggers beware) next month and could be landing Stateside soon.

[via Engadget]

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