The Xbox 360 Elite could be getting a red facelift

redx-thumb-200x143.jpgAhh the colour red – it’s the shade of the devil (allegedly), the most emotionally intense colour, the colour of love and is supposedly the first colour perceived by man. Now, possibly joining this fascinating list of red connotations is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite. All it took was one leaked screenshot from a Toys R Us database and the speculation just generated itself.

The news, which is currently doing the rounds at the moment disguised as a rumour, says Microsoft could be about to launch a limited edition Xbox 360 Elite with a rouge outer shell to coincide with the release of Resident Evil 5. Being in the rumour stages also means further information is somewhat scant. We’ll bring you more as soon as the word ‘official’ is used.

[via Electric Pig]

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Lucy Hedges