The glammest of rock from Sennheiser via Swarovski

Oh my. Customisation like this makes me want to jack in my day job (oops) and go and start a band called Susi and the Somethings. There would be ripped tights, stonewashed denim and rhinestone lightening flashes across all the band member’s faces. We would make it to at least number 87 in the download chart.

These are genuine Sennheiser mikes, which are Swarovski pimped via Sennheiser’s own website. Each mic gets 2.400 crystals, and unlike most customising services, it doesn’t void the warranty. Prices range from $699 to $999, but you can totally remake that money with your first endorsement of a fizzy drink.

Sennheiser [via Chip Chick]

Susi Weaser

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