Knock-off Motorola Aura anyone?

avra.jpgMotorola’s move into the luxury mobile market with its watch inspired Auro phone, ostracised many and left them us shivering in the cold with our plebeian attire and low to middle market handsets (who has $2,000 to spend on a handset?). So, what do you do when a mobile phone falls on the seriously expensive side of the price scale, but you still want in? Copy its design, remove a vowel from the name, add a consonant, re-badge it as your own little brainchild, and voila, you have your very own makeshift phone.

It’s probably safe to say the Avra doesn’t sport a 16 million colour display, have a 62 carat sapphire lens to protect it, or come with the cherry wood packaging. And it’s more than likely this one doesn’t take up to two weeks to produce just one handset either. But it has the look, and if you were to show it off to your friends I would advise doing so at a distance – you know, to blur the boundaries of real and fake (just like a Louis Vuitton knock-off).

It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to let anyone you’re trying to convince hold it either. At ¥750 price, or around $100, it’s probably safe to say the Avra won’t feel like a solid and reliable piece of kit. It’ll probably be more akin to a Fisher Price mobile for kids.

If you happen to be China bound anytime soon, you’ll be able to pick one up here.

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