The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury launches Dot Robot. And it's got a girl in it!

Jason Bradbury, best known for The Gadget Show (oh, hi! Did we mention we’re partnering with them for The Gadget Show Live?!) has published a kids book, and hallelujah! It’s got a fabulously geeky girl as the main character – Brooke English.

In a world of few strong literary female characters (I’ve been reading The King Kong Theory. It’s made me aaaaangry) particularly in kids books, it’s refreshing to see someone telling the yoof that it’s cool to make robots. Especially if you’re a girl. And who better than a 12 year old mechanical engineering grad from MIT?

It might be a little young for your tastes, but if you’ve got a sister, neice, daughter, godchild who needs edumacating in the ways of the geek, you can buy Dot Robot here when it becomes available on the 5th February. You can also check out the creation of a real life Punk, one of the robots Brooke builds here.

If it means one more copy of Makin it Up! Lil’ Bratz (no, I’m not even providing that link) stays on the shelves, you’ve done a great service to the sisterhood.

Susi Weaser