The Digi-Mug… quite possibly the most futile gadget ever?

photocoffeemug.jpgAnd the prize for the most useless gadget goes to *drum roll* the Digi-Mug. It’s one of those thermo flask/cup/mug thingamajigs, with a digital photo viewer on the side, should you want to take in some photo viewing each time you pull it away from your pursed lips. As far as thermo flask/cup/mug thingamajigs go, they’re not even mildly exciting in the slightest, and slapping a digi photo viewer on the side doesn’t really transform its boring status to something incredible or even remotely interesting.

It’d probably be best to leave the thermos/flask/mugs to do what they do best and digital photo viewers to steer clear of collaborations with common household items.

[via iGizmo]

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Lucy Hedges