Stephen Fry reaches seven billion Twitter followers

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News just in! Stephen Fry has reached one million , one billion seven kajillion twitter followers. Such is the reach of this National Treasure that high street electronics retailers have been ransacked, as the public descended to find any device at all that will connect to the internet, and therefore track Stephen Fry.

A recent Tweet regarding Fry enjoying a coffee in Soho, Central London, resulted in a mass stampede through the area, during which several innocent Community Service Officers had lattes spilt on them. A dozen people were taken to their local GP clinic when they copied the exact outfit Fry tweeted during the recent extreme weather conditions, only to find that their sub-standard outdoors gear was not enough to keep them warm from the biting temperatures.

Where will it end? It’s difficult to say. But one thing’s for sure – he must be praying for that Fail Whale, if only for a bit of peace and quiet.

Susi Weaser

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