Solar powered batteries aren't as good as they sound

solar-batteries-thumb-500x547-78815.jpgHaving batteries die on you at a crucial moment is right up there with going to the fridge only to find there’s no milk for your cuppa, or getting to the cash point and realising it has no £10 notes, only £20s during financially hard times. The SunCats however, have been designed to alleviate your dead battery rage and serve as a reminder that a dead battery doesn’t mean you need to shout like a demented cerazy person, and run the risk of bursting a blood vessel. It’s a shame then, that this great idea didn’t make it further than the design stage – so there’s a possibility these batteries will still make your blood boil.

Sadly, wrapping old NiMH rechargeables in a flexible photo voltaic cell and exposing them to sunlight simply isn’t good enough to make the batteries rechargeable in the traditional sense. They certainly won’t do much for you impatient side, but on the plus side, you will be waving the green flag and doing your part for the planet and saving those polar ice caps – even if you do only manage to squeeze 5 minutes of battery life out of a weeks worth of charge.

All I can say to that is, god bless AC powered rechargeable batteries – sure, they’re not kind to the environment, but they will prevent you from having a battery related break down.

[via Geekologie]

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Lucy Hedges