Panasonic to lead the 3D Blu-Ray race?

3d.jpgPanasonic are sure 3D Blu-Ray will be launching next year. This apparent self-assuredness, comes from Panasonic’s attempts to obtain acceptance of its new 3D system to be the standard way to achieve 3D pictures from existing Blu-Ray discs.

Panasonic have been busy showing off its 3D equipment for a while now, namely with its Plasma 3D Full HD home theatre system, demonstrated in CES with a mahooosive 103-inch plasma hooked up to a special 3D Blu-Ray player. What makes this Blu-Ray player special is its ability to process twice the data as a standard Blu-Ray player, but at the same speed. The reason for this is to deliver full HD images to each eye at once, using electronic glasses. So to put this in simple terms, it’s essentially playing two full HD movies simultaneously. These special glasses achieve the 3D Blu-Ray effect using Active Shutter technology that directs the right image to the right eye. The result – full quality 3D images.

Panasonic are confident it will beat all other manufacturers to the third dimensional punch by 2010, but will they show and prove?

[via Tech Radar]

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Lucy Hedges