Desonic enter the e-cigarette market

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2008 saw a proliferation of e-cigarettes, the likes of which have never been known before. We’re talking portable nicotine filled devices that exhale realistic looking smoke (water vapour), and can be legally smoked indoors and on lanes if need be. We were welcomed to the Gamucci, and Super Smoker, and also had a sneak peek at the American brand NJOY, now in the UK. Well there’s another brand on the scene called Desonic, but how do they stand out from the similarly identical products on the market?

Well, for one thing you can get one in pink, but the real selling point to me is that you can charge this device in its mini cigarette style packaging.

With most e-cigs, you unscrew one end, ram it into a charger and fire away, butt his can mean the all important tip gets lost, leaving you with a charged but unsmokeable fag (yes, this is from personal experience). This handy charging pack not only lets you transport your device easily, it also charges via USB so you can make sure you never run out.

A full charge will last for approx 200 puffs, and if baby pink doesn’t do it for you, you can opt for a blue, red or black version. It’s still in prototype stage, but should be with us later this year.

Get more info at Desonic

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Zara Rabinowicz