Mini Fender guitar lamp for a bit of RAWK before bedtime

fenderusblamp2.jpgSome people can’t bear to be away from their beloved guitar strumming games for too long, otherwise in comes the withdrawal symptom shakes and the foaming at the mouth. So how do you alleviate this clearly problematic dilemma? You could get the Guitar Hero Carabiner, or purchase the Air Guitar Rocker to help you overcome your fix on the move. You could even make Guitar Hero cupcakes.

But perhaps you’re on the lookout for something less about doing and more about appreciating. You can totally do that with the Mini Fender Guitar USB Lamp. Simply plug your novelty lamp into your computer and start appreciating the light in all its guitar shaped glory. And if it’s not guitars, surely it’s your penchant for tacky novelty lamps that has you contemplating the purchase, right?

[via Chip Chick]

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Lucy Hedges