LG's KM900 enters the Arena and it's 3D

lg-arena-km900x-thumb-200x315-76507.jpgWe knew LG had a touchscreen phone/iPhone killer dubbed the Arena up its sleeves – what we didn’t know was everything underneath the hood. A 5 megapixel camera (possibly a secondary one for video calls), GPS, WiFi and what LG is calling an “innovative S-Class 3D interface” was all the info we could get our hands on last week.

And this week, we still don’t know as LG is keeping those lips locked tight regarding specs. But what we do know is it will have WiFi capabilities and pack A-GPS (as opposed to GPS), but it’s the “direct and dynamic” UI of this multimedia handset that LG wants us to focus on for the time being. So why are LG so excited? Because it utilises the wonderful world of 3D, that’s why.

For those of you silently hoping, unfortunately this does relate to 3D TV capabilities. Rather, as you can see from the image, it makes use of a cube-based layout, that’ll open the gates to four customisable home screens with a single finger movement. Not only will this provide what I can only imagine as a fun and engaging way to use your phone, but it’ll also provide easy and direct access to all your features (and some pretty cool visuals to accompany it).

In the words of LG, “LG will release further specifications, features and other surprises during a press conference at Mobile World Congress, February 16th at 2.00pm”. So, in the words of Shiny Shiny, we’ll have more then.


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Lucy Hedges