Kitty shaped USB drive to store those memories

kyoto_cat_bar_1-thumb-520x390.jpgYou wouldn’t expect a cat shaped USB drive that appears to be cheerfully relieving itself in a USB port to retail for $81.75, but this one does. Does it do anything more than store data you ask? Does the tail automatically rise up when it senses it’s about to be inserted in a USB port? Well, no. In fact, there’s nothing special about the Kyoto Catbar, unless you deem handmade ‘special’.

I appreciate handmade goods of all kinds cost more than your average factory produced stuff, but $81.75 is perhaps a little too extravagant for something that doesn’t light up or feature kitty related sound effects. It’s made of genuine chirimen material, which if you didn’t know folks, is the material of the kimono. But, still… $81.75! It makes you wonder just how much an authentic kimono goes for?

You can get one here if you must

[via Boing Boing Gagdets]

Lucy Hedges