iTunes now offers more than just Lost in 720p

ugly-betty-promo.jpgSo, Lost may have been the first programme on offer in the UK iTunes store for plenty of Josh Holloway in high definition (swoon), but it certainly wasn’t the last. Joining what is arguable the best programme ever, comes a bunch of other high definition video content, which also come bundled with a standard definition version upon purchase, to keep you company on your tediously dull journey to and from work.

From the US side, we can choose from titles such as Ugly Betty, House, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, 30 Rock and Grey’s Anatomy. For those, who would prefer to get their learn on and not waste precious minutes of their lives watching US dramas, series one of the Beeb’s Planet Earth, narrated by David Attenborough is available for £24.99. Or alternatively, if you’re after something home grown, oozing adolescent sexual exploits, Skins is on offer too.

Pricing is fairly reasonable, falling between £1.99 and £2.49 per episode, while seasons begin at £24.99 and rise up to £41.99 depending on its credentials.

[via Pocket Lint]

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Lucy Hedges