Google Earth gets aquatic with Ocean View

For those not lucky enough to be living right next to a coral reef (and quite frankly, if you do, what are you doing on the internet?) Google Earth’s latest incarnation should give you a hint as to what you’re missing, with the addition on Ocean view.

This new feature will allow you to go virtual diving, find out about the local residents, watch films of shipwrecks and contribute your own photos. There’s even footage from Blue Planet. The only thing it won’t give you is that delicious feeling of the sun beating down on your back as you get back into the boat post dive (incidentally, Google, if you can provide that, I’d upgrade to a paid for subscription).

Other new features include the addition of time travel, kind of. It allows you to view the changes that have happened over certain sites, although obviously only as far back as Google has been taking the photos.

The hope is that this new Ocean view will encourage users to think about the effect Global Warming is having on the oceans, and therefore, the world. Personally, it’s made me want to be on holiday even more than before.

Google Earth

Susi Weaser