Getting poked by your parents on Facebook = shock horror

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It’s getting more and more apparent as each day passes and worryingly, more of our parents are hitching a ride on (the very late) social networking bandwagon, and are signing up to Facebook in their droves. But that crucial question rears its ugly head again – do you want your parents reading about your latest naughty and frivolous exploits (and the not so questionable content for that matter?)? Do you really want them seeing your half naked pictures from that night? Or even worse, do you want them reading your account of that party on your best mate’s wall, who your parents personally know and have already poked and sent a friend request to (aarrgh)?

We shouldn’t have to think about what we publicize to the world with the haunting fear of “oh no, what if my mum looks at it”, lurking at the back of your mind. Will someone please create a social network for the older folk please, seeing as Friends reunited ultimately FAILED!

If you’re looking for an outlet to vent your well-justified frustration, can I direct your attention to Oh Crap My Parents Joined Facebook. It’s a blog completely devoted to publicising examples of inappropriate parental behaviour on FB (and we’ve all got examples of those) – great if you’re one of the masses with parents who’ve infiltrated Facebook.

Not familiar with this kind of behaviour? Well, if this hasn’t yet happened to you (yet), count yourself lucky. But give it time. What with social networks being all the rage in the media, it won’t be long before it’s your turn to get a Facebook friend request from one of your parents, or (shock horror) both of them. And before you know it, your mum is asking questions like, “Why is your relation ship with Daniel complicated, I thought you two were fine?” (aaarrrrggghh)!

Enjoy it while you can folks, parents everywhere could be heading over to this site next.

Check it out here

Lucy Hedges is the Editorial assistant for Shiny Shiny and unashamedly involved her mum in her latest Facebook cull. It’s not like she uses it a lot anyway and when/if she does notice, acting oblivious will be key.

Lucy Hedges