Etch a Sketch goes double D – digital and deluxe

etch a sketch.jpgJoining the Stylophone and the Rubik’s Cube in the modern day makeover arena is something you probably expected to remain in its 70’s style red square form. Think of the Deluxe TV Etch a Sketch as a normal mechanical Etch a Sketch… only bigger and better and on your tellybox. So, now you’ll be able to see even better how askew the lines of your disproportionately wonky house are. Yes, that’s right, a wonky house. Do you remember how hard it was to create something that even bore a slight resemblance to what you were trying to achieve? So don’t let the little boy’s over enthusiastic grin fool you – he sooooo did not etch that train!

Simply plug your electronic Etch-A-Sketch into the TV and choose one of four artistic modes – Cool Drawing Tools, Trace A Pic, Super Sketch or Connect The Dots. And so as not to erase the old version entirely from our childhood memories, the good ole’ shake and erase method is still in place.

It’s a priced at just $6.37 here, which should be just enough change from $10 to purchase the 4 AA batteries it requires to operate.

[via Toyology]

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Lucy Hedges