I can’t really believe I’m typing this, but this afternoon is my last here as editor of Shiny Shiny. Without getting all Kate Winslet on your asses, I really have had the most fantastic three years here at Shiny Media, and I’ll be really sorry to not be bringing you the pinkest, most diamond-encrusted, most inappropriately vibrating technology ever day. I’ll be leaving the site in the capable hands of the delectable Lucy Hedges and the sublime Zara Rabinowicz (whose surname I still have to copy and paste from the site itself) who can be relied upon to continue in the fine tradition of girl-tech Shiny is known for.

So, thanks for having me. It’s been a blast.

Oh dear. Now I’m crying.

Susi Weaser


  • Wow, I just have to say I started reading two years ago and have been dedicated to this site ever since. Your articles and great gadget finds are what keep me returning. I know that once I click on this site I’m bound to find something neat and interesting. I thank you for all the exciting, over the top, super cute items and opinions you have brought to me and all the readers of shinyshiny, Thank you and god speed!

  • Thanks for all the pink gadgety memories. Hope we’ll get to see your work elsewhere soon. Good luck with everything, Susi!!

  • Well, can I just say you’ve done a wonderful job! Having been reading Shiny since just before you became editor (dear goodness – that long already?!), I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you & good luck in the future (which I somehow expect will be rather bright for you)!

  • Thank you for the wonderful job you have done in providing everyone great eye candy throughout the years. Good luck on your next endeavour! =)

  • Please Dont Go I Only Wash Your Videos Cos Your In Them Bye Bye Bye Lots And Lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X

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