Bow down and worship at the altar of Nokia's N86


Nokia’s N86 has been long awaited, and if you’re fans of the N-series you might find yourself seriously coveting this baby. It’s a stunning piece of kit as it combines fashion with function, and you’re looking at a super sharp 2.6 inch OLED screen. Add to that 8GB of internal memory (expandable to 16GB) and the fact that it comes fully integrated with the Nokia App store and we can see why you might be hooked. But the real selling point? The 8 megapixel camera with variable aperture…

This is the first time a camera phone has been fitted with a variable aperture, which allows you to create the kind of effects you’d normally associate with a low end DSLR or a digital camera You also get a Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus and the shutter speed can take photos at 1/1,000 sec. There’s a dual LED flash and video light as well, and it looks like they’re aiming to battle the 12 megapixel products appearing, with their superior camera functions.

It weighs in at 149g, but the kicker is that it will retail for around 375 Euros which is about 200 more than I’d ever spend on a phone. Oh well.

Available in Q2 from Nokia

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “Bow down and worship at the altar of Nokia's N86

  • sweet. I guess it’ll be cheap or free on a monthly plan anyway. My N95 takes great shots already, so i look forward to seeing if I can spot the difference in pic quality.

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