YouTube friendly and ergonomic high definition camcorders on the cards from Samsung

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We’ve already been treated to Samsung’s latest high definition H range of camcorders, but it’s probably fair to say, there are waaaay more YouTube disciples than there are high definition punters – well, that’s Samsung’s premise for the SMX-F34 AND is sticking to for its YouTube friendly camcorder. So, the SMX-F34 camcorder can’t compete with the H Series in the HD department, what with video recording set to standard definition (720 x 480), but it does have a staggering 34x optical zoom range that’s expandable up to 42x with the Intelli-Zoom function, you know, should you want to see your friends facial pores in great detail.

There’s also a Schneider Optics lens on board, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, image stabilisation, face detection (up to five faces), 3D noise reduction, 16GB of internal flash memory (with room for external memory cards, swivel grip and a three hour battery life. And thanks to the H.264 compression, you’ll manage to pack eight hours of footage into those 16GBs.

samsung-hmx-r10-high-definition-ergonomic-camcorder.jpgThe HMX-R10 – the ergonomically designed high definition model – features a lens angled at 45 degrees, to supposedly make holding the camera more comfortable. Its other features include a 12 megapixel sensor for images, 5x optical zoom (not quite as much as it’s YouTube friendly sibling above), full HD capabilities, CMOS imaging sensor, Schneider Optics, image stabilisation and HDMI output.

Both camcorders will be available in the UK from March, pricing to be confirmed.

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  • Oh,SMX-F34 has awesome zoom! (42x intellizoom).
    It would be useful one.
    HMX-R10 is fullHDcam looks weird shape but spyshot is quite interesting. I wanna see it in detail.

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