CES 2009: LG's Sky Charger is massive solar powered mobile power point

sky-charger-300x225.jpgYou won’t be seeing one of these conspicuously hideous things in the UK – I guess LG’s plan to become greener in 2009 doesn’t stretch over the water then? Ok, I won’t be too harsh on LG – I’m sure it’d love to bring the UK a gigantic solar powered phone charger. But bearing in mind the Sky Charger gathers its powers from a combination of sun and wind energy, there’d be no hope of it working over here anyway. Sure, we get sun (albeit *very* rarely), but when the sun does put its hat on, 95 percent of the time, it’s concealed behind an ominous cloud. If it just worked solely on wind, we’d be sorted.

Yep, you’ve probably guessed it – the Sky Charger is US bound. The charger can charge up to 144 phones in an hour and is compatible with most handsets, excluding the Palm (sorry Palm owners). I’m sure this thing will pop up at many a festival this year. People hoping to bag themselves some free juice when a power source isn’t accessible, will need to get themselves a locker, connect their phone to the relevant charger and come back in at least an hour for sufficient levels of battery power.

[via Omio]

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Lucy Hedges


  • It was actually manufactured in the U.K by renewable energy company gotwind.org – they do some cool stuff.

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