Wii TV to bring Nintendo made shows to your living room

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Up until now, the Wii hasn’t been the console for media – there’s no high def, and unless you’re willing to crack it, it can’t even play DVDs. There’s certainly no Xbox-style on-demand movie library (although you can watch the iPlayer). But it seems Nintendo is going some way to address that issue, with the launch of Wii TV.

Launching in Japan this spring, the plan is to bring video-on-demand to the box, with the intention being to roll it out worldwide later on. But wait – that doesn’t mean Quantum of Solace or The Dark Knight. They’re going to only show Nintendo-made content, which will include things like cartoons, lifestyle shows and brain train-style quizzes.

Whilst most of it will be free, some will be available to buy, presumably via Nintendo’s Wii Points system.

Will this appeal to the Wii owners of the world? Probably not as much as the ability to stream movies, but hey ho…

[via The Telegraph]

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  • Sound crap if you ask me!!! Going onlin on the wii is bad enough as it is but nintendo made content…bore me with something else!

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