Could the soon to be released Windows 7 help Vista haters?

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Software isn’t always the most entertaining of things, but seeing as 2008 brought us Google Chrome and Vista, I hope you’ll bear with me. It seems the highly touted Windows 7 is in the final stages of completion, but what does this mean for PC users who aren’t sure of updating their systems yet again? Well, Windows 7 could be the answer to their problems, as it should be considered as an updated version of XP rather than a whole new OS.

John Curran, from Microsoft’s UK headquarters, is keen to assure people they won’t face a Vista induced rage (think freezing, driver failure and complicated menu navigation) with the new system, as it’s a return to the familiar XP layout. Windows is working hard with hardware companies to ensure compatibility before they roll it out, and to avoid defectors turning to another OS.

Those seriously disenchanted with Windows may want to consider turning elsewhere, however. If you don’t want to go for Apple, Linux is a viable option. ZDnet suggests that this OS programme is actually better and the fact that it’s free really doesn’t hurt. It also takes up less memory on 2008’s medley of UMPC’s, which is another bonus.

Still, with Steve Ballmer expected to release details of the Windows 7 beta version in his keynote speech at CES 2009, the race is on – may the best OS win!

[via Sky News]

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