WeFi knows all the WiFi hotspots

wefi-logo-thumb-106x58-71944.pngFed up of uttering the words “excuse me, is there WiFi in here?” or meticulously studying the walls of your favourite coffee shop or eateries for a ‘we have WiFi’ sign? It’s annoying to say the least, but WeFi has a solution with a bunch of new services that have recently been rolled out to help us locate free and paid for WiFi hotspots worldwide (they have over one million of them).

The WeFi online community is a portal to an extensive directory, that when given an address, will show you where your nearest hotspots are. However, it isn’t all as straight forward as that – you will need to download some software in order to do it. Alternatively, if you have a GPS enabled mobile or laptop, hotspots can be located automatically.

The phone version of the service is way more impressive, but is currently only a feature that can be enjoyed by our American chums. All they need to do is text their location to receive a comprehensive list of the surrounding WiFi zones.

You’ll never need to hunt down a WiFi hotspot again.


[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges