ED-E takes the MechRC robot into a learning direction


Not so long ago we told you all about the MechRC robot from IWOOT, which illustrated quite how ingenious robot designers can be, with a variety of customizable moves. Well they’ve now added the friendly looking Ed-E to their stable. It’s great to be able to make your MechRC robot dance and all, as there are hours of entertainment to be had from watching him flip and sing, but wouldn’t it be great if you could harness the energy spent in playtime for an educational purpose (whilst totally pretending you’re not learning?)

Well they’ve taken that salient fact into consideration and have created ED-E, a blue version of the MechRc who aims to engage students by helping them learn how to programme.

Ed-E comes with a customisable remote control, and software which teaches the user a variety of interactive briefs to learn about robotics. Ed-E is equipped with 17 servo motors, which are visible through the transparent panels and he has over 100 built in motion files, to allow how to perform a huge range of movements,

Get one for £406 here.

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Zara Rabinowicz