Truphone/Android mash-up means free calls on your G1

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Truphone’s been around for a while now, but it’s most commonly known as the app that lets you get cheap calls on your phone to other countries, as well as give the iPod Touch mobile compatibilities.

But they’ve now taken on a new platform- the Android G1. Yes, I’m not sure that’s necessarily a smart step either, but it does mean you can access their range of services from your Android device, making the non Apple fans deliriously averagely happy.

You can now make low cost international voice calls, easily use all the IM services (AOL/Twitter/MSN/ etc) for free, and because you’re calling on Google Talk you can call the USA for the cost of a local call on YOUR mobile.

As someone with a vast amount of mates living overseas this could potentially be a lifesaver. Question is, how does this compare to Skype To Go? It seems a fairly similar service, with both operators syncing you through their system before transferring your call abroad to give it to you at a cheap cost. Both work on a mobile platform- so I guess it will be down to user interface, compatibility issues, and of course, pricing, to decide the winner.

It’s good that Skype has a challenger though, as they’ve ruled the roost for a long time. The may be competitively priced, but in today’s market that worked has stopped meaning what it one did. So battle lines have been marked- which service will win?

It will be available from March 2009.


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Zara Rabinowicz


  • Wake me up when ONE of these company’s finally puts REAL Skype calls on the G1 using the 3G data network (and WiFi)… not these endless iterations using standard voice minutes.

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